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So much more than just another planner...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This Ultimate Life Binder includes:

The Minimalist Edition of the Ultimate Life Binderin sizes A4, A5, and US Letter

Access to the Ultimate Life Binder Hub which contains examples for how to use your Life Binder along with additional goodies

Access to the newest edition of the Ultimate Life Binder EVERY year

A private Facebook community 


"I absolutely LOVE this planner. It has absolutely EVERYTHING I will need to organise my life whilst being able to create a plan and focus on the positive. So completely awesome I can't WAIT to print it and get filling it in!!"
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Hi, I'm Michelle & I created the Ultimate Life Binder.

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​​​A few years ago I realized that I had lived the same year twice and that it was a mediocre year. 
The Life Binder was born out of my desire to take 100% responsibility for my life and have a way of measuring my progress so that I could do more of what worked.
It has been the key to living life on an upwards spiral. And every year has been 10 times better than the last since I've started using this system.

I have since created the Life Binder for other people to use and have sold thousands of downloads, and every year I send my customers the latest edition for FREE. So, if you buy the Life Binder today, you get to befcome one of those people! 

​​​​​​​Can't wait to welcome you into the Ultimate Life Binder Hub. :)


1 :: Cover

2 :: Yearly Overview

3 :: Monthly Calendar

4 :: Weekly Schedule

5 :: Weekly Routine

6 :: Daily Planner: Focus Daily

7 :: Daily Planner: Productive Day

8 :: Goal Planner (grid w/ prompts)

9 :: Goal Planner (categories of life)

10 :: Goal Planner (breaking it down into steps)

11 :: Define My Key Habits

12 :: Habit Tracker

13 :: Goal Tracker (w/ concentric circles)

14 :: Monthly Budget

15 :: Income Tracker

16 :: Expense Tracker 

17 :: Savings Tracker

18 :: Bill Payment Checklist

19 :: My Money Opportunities

20 :: Health and Fitness

21 :: Grocery List

22 :: Password Tracker 

23 :: Packing Checklist

24 :: Travel Planner

25 :: To Do List

26 :: Brain Cleanse

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Yes, I want to become an Ultimate Life Binder Customer

Ultimate Life Binder
​​​​​​​Minimalist Edition Hub Package

  • Only $21
  • Ultimate Life Binder-Minimalist Edition (3 PDF downloads - sizes A4, A5, & US Letter)
  • Examples of how to use each page
  • Secret O.W.L. Society Manifesto Printable
  • Access to the Latest Edition of the Ultimate Life Binder every year

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